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Age Defying Radiance

luminesce-cellular-rejuvenation-serumThe LUMINESCE skin care range is the topic today and I will be concentrating on the cellular rejuvenation serum. The products in this range are

  • Youth Restoring Cleanser
  • Cellular Rejuvenation Serum
  • Daily Moisturising Complex
  • Advanced Night Repair
  • Essential Body Renewal
  • Ultimate Lifting Mask

First a little about the development of this range of skin care. A world renowned dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon began researching a topical treatment to help patients recovering from burns and severe injuries. With his knowledge of stem cells and their regeneration power, he was able to isolate stem cell growth factors taken from healthy adults and use them to promote new cell production which produced increased collagen and elastin for firmer skin tone. And the results were amazing.

It is this that sets the LUMINESCE skin care range apart from any others on the market today. Using these products with the potent growth factor complex, your skin is able to regenerate faster and at the cellular level.

Since I have been using these products, my skin has a healthy glow and feels so silky smooth. I am seeing a reduction in my age spots and also my fine lines and wrinkles. I was told to expect about 60 days before noticing any results but it has only been a few weeks. I can’t wait to see the results in another 30 days!

The Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum contains over 200 growth factors. It is highly concentrated so you use a very small amount. No more than the size of a pea. It goes on smoothly and dries quickly. Your skin literally drinks it! You may feel a slight tingling after application and this is the serum going to work regenerating your skin. This advanced skin care formula works around the clock to help you regain your youthful glow. You will find a noticeable difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are a number of benefits for using this product including

  1. Promotes a healthy looking appearance
  2. Replenishes your skin’s natural moisture levels
  3. Absorbs quickly into your skin
  4. Delays the appearance of the ageing process
  5. Increases firmness, elasticity and smoothness in the texture of your skin at the cellular level
  6. Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  7. Renews youthful luminosity to your skin
  8. Replenishes your skin’s natural stores of rejuvenation factors and proteins that can be depleted with age

Below is a Before LUMINESCE and After LUMINESCE photo – amazing results!

Before After CRS

For more information on the LUMINESCE skin care range of products go here

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